Service Audit

There is no risk to engage us as we operate on a contingency fee basis.  Not only do we identify savings opportunities, but we execute the changes and ensure they are accurately reflected on your invoices.  You pay us based on the amount you save – which is usually 10-15% of your annual spend.  We also provide you with a detailed inventory of services and contract terms.


Inventory Management

We work on a fixed-fee basis to review all invoices each month and correct errors.  We also manage all orders to move, add, change or disconnect services.  Our clients’ ROI is typically five percent AND they benefit from the ancillary support we provide beyond inventory management.  For example, we work directly with Accounts Payable to ensure accurate allocation of expenses and support budgeting initiatives.


Solution Sourcing

At no cost, we help you determine your business needs and solicit competitive bids from multiple providers to provide you with the best service and pricing options.  We have access to more than 100 vendors that provide voice, data, cloud and collaboration services globally.  You also benefit from our ability to negotiate innovative, non-standard contract terms on your behalf.