Deep-Dive Service Audit

We review and dissect all telecom-related contracts and invoices to ensure billing accuracy and deliver a detailed inventory of services by location. We quickly identify opportunities to eliminate or optimize services based on usage and market pricing. While we deliver the detail, we also synthesize our findings into a summary snapshot upon which executives can take immediate action. Best of all, we work on a contingency basis so new clients don’t take on any risk, just the likely upside of nearly 30% in annual savings.

Global Solutions Sourcing

We have partnerships with more than 100 service providers to ensure that clients have access to the most competitive pricing and contract terms.  We provide clients with one point of contact to facilitate interaction with both existing and potential service providers.  The bottom line is more choices with better pricing in less time.

Ongoing Optimization

Change is a given in every business. We help our clients proactively manage their services to reflect business changes – such as consolidation, acquisitions or technology adoption. We partner with them to repeatedly identify opportunities to increase the efficiency and impact of their IT spend.

Dependable Execution

We tend to be tightly integrated with our clients so that we can drive all orders from start to finish. We manage all of the moving parts and will escalate and expedite when required. We take ownership of everything from disconnecting lines and circuits to overseeing large SIP migrations. We also conduct a billing review to ensure that all charges have been adjusted or rated accurately.